Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Project Work for the Final Semester!

Topic: A Semantic Web based approach to Knowledge Management for Grid Applications

Course ware: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge & Data Engineering (February 2007) Conference paper!

Authors: Liming Chen; Nigel R. Shadbolt; Carole A. Goble
Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on
Volume 19, Issue 2, Feb. 2007 Page(s):283 - 296
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TKDE.2007.20

Visit: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/login.jsp?url=/iel5/69/4039276/04039290.pdf?temp=x

About: Its actually the concept of powering the Grid Applications using the concept of Knowledge Management & the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) The Next Generation Web featuring with enhanced, meaningful Web(Current Web), It the response of Data Mining in the Web and we face here the 6 Great Challenges & more.......

1. Acquiring

2. Modeling

3. Retrieving

4. Reusing


6. Maintaining Knowledge

Also the Knowledge Management plays a vital role in giving hand to achieve this project!

Duration: It hardly(Rushed-up) took about 1 month of time to complete this project!

But its actually proposed to be a 6 months Project!

Courtesy: IEEE Computer Society

References: www.netcrucible.com/semantic.html


Project Fotos......a slide view.........!!!

1. Welcome to the Semantic Web!

2. This shows the Virtual hosting made by the External!

3. First Page to choose which product you wanna catch!

4. This is the E-Learning Catalog......!!!

4. This is the E-Science Catalog......!!!

6. The Semantic Web Search Engine!

7. The Common Login page for Admin, Staff & Student!

8. The Admin's Control Panel......!!!

9. The Resources being managed by the Admin!

Like E-Books, E-Tutorials, Webcasts, etc.

10. The Online E-Videos(Tutorials) Available!

11.View Staffs's Details......!!!

12. View Students's Details

13. The Forum Dashboard- The place to discuss...!!!

14. The Semantic Web Mail- Works on SMTP & POP3...!!!

15.The Student's Control Panel...!!!

16. The Download Center- Hot Downloads!

17. Live Webcasts broadcasted from our Server!

18. Webcasts Catalogue: The Available Ones!

19. Watch Webcasts Live!- without any plugin!

20. About Us- The authors

(Guruprasad Balaji & Hari Narayana Reddy)

21. The E-Science- Content Management System(CMS)

22. Home page of the CMS Module...!!!

23. The Portal Center- It allows you to edit content online!

24. The Photo Gallery- Add photos to your Blogs!

25. The Admin Page- Login to manage the website!

26. Using RAD(Rapid Application Developer) Editor...!!!

2. Users can post the comments to the blogs!

Please post me your comments about my project!

Soon I'll be back with a New* Online Slambook only for AVITians!

Your's Lovable.......

****************Guruprasad Balaji****************


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